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This mods adds a custom NPC inspired by Persona 5 game. Kawakami lives in Saloon and will heal you in exchange for money, depending on how much health and stamina you are missing.

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About mod:
This mod introduces a brand new NPC into Stardew Valley. Her name is Sadayo Kawakami, and is, as you might have noticed, a character from PS4 game - Persona 5. Kawakami role is to heal our Farmer to max health and stamina in exchange for your money. The amount of money varies from 0 to 500 gold pieces. You can only heal once per day in order to prevent this mod from being far too OP. Time will also skip half an hour.

Kawakami tends to spend most of her time inside Saloon or in the near vicinity. She shops for supplies on Saturday.

Her loved gifts are: Sashimi, Maki roll, Chocolate Cake, Cloth, Wool, Battery Pack and Oil.

This mod requires SMAPI - beta version 2.6 or higher and beta version of the game.

This mod will work fine both on single and multiplayer (both host and farmhand require mod).

Multiplayer issue: When farmhand uses Kawakamis services, time will not skip.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

If you are installing the mod on an existing save, you will need to go to sleep before Kawakami can go about her day according to her schedule (game needs to be saved again).
To do list:
- Change the way of loading Kawakami into the game.
- Make it possible so player can deny Kawakami services and then speak to her again.
- Make it so amount of gold required is shown before choosing the option to heal.
- Make it so Kawakami dialogue depends on state of Farmers health and stamina.
- Add more depth to Kawakami character (more dialogue, more schedules).
- Make it so her taste for gifts can be discovered within the game.

Because of the way how save games works in Stardew Valley, after removing the mod, game will no longer be able to load your farm, but FEAR NOT! I will be here to help you with this handy guide. Dont be intimidated by length of this, the procedure should take about a minute or 2. In the future I'll try to fix this issue completely.


If you still encounter the problem, visit Stardew Valley Discord and message me in #modding channel.

Credits and special thanks:
Sprites and Portraits were made by an amazing artist and girlfriend - Flerfarvet. She made sure that Kawakami will look good in Stardew Valley.

I also want to thank so, so much to the wonderful modding community on discord server. Couldn't have done it without them.

Special thanks to Pathoschild for creating SMAPI.