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Replaces animals and various other things with Pokemon.

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Pokefy replaces all livestock and various other things (such as critters and TV shows) with Pokemon.

List of most animal/enemy changes here:

You can choose your horse type, whether or not farm animals, enemies, fish, or pets are replaced with the config file.
I recommend spacechase0's Generic Mod Config Menu to open up the config in-game, or you can simply open the config in the Pokefy mod folder.

jeNeSaisRien has made a text companion to this mod. Many thanks to OwOUwUQwQ for help with the config! And a big thank you to mmew123 for the Tepig, Pignite, Foongus, Genesect, Lampent, Koffing, Drowzee, Froslass, Tyrogue, Shedinja, Noibat and Milotic sprites, and for reworking the fish sprites!

Enjoy and have fun!