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Less Clicking, More Information, Quality of Life.

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Updated to SDV 1.4.3, but I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test stuff.  Most of what I've tried out seems to work just fine, though the little icons in the inventory screens that tell you that you need an item for the Community Center seem to have disappeared and I have no idea where.  If you have bugs to report, please contact me directly on Discord or I might not see your message.  Thanks!

New in 1.0.10 is the feature to automatically pause your game as soon as the day starts, as well as when you've been idle for a configurable amount of time.  These default to Enabled, and 60 minutes respectively.  Don't be confused when the game pauses immediately when loading your save after updating to 1.0.10!  If you don't want this feature enabled, it can be found in the "QoL / Balance" tab.

Foxyfficiency has two main philosophies - reduce the amount of clicking you ( the player ) need to do, and provide more information about the world and everything in it that's relevant.

Tired of clicking on everything, but don't want to unbalance the game with needlessly powerful automation?  When you hold the appropriate tool and move next to something in the world that you would click on with that tool to interact with, Foxyfficiency will do the clicking for you.  It still consumes the energy, still uses water out of the can, and still requires you to move from point to point in the world.  This also applies to things that don't require tools, such as petting animals and picking up forage!

Do you forget to check the cooking channel, water a crop that you ( for some reason ) planted behind a tree, talk to one of the villagers or pet your animals?  Or maybe can't remember some detail about the game, like a favored birthday gift, but don't want to call up the wiki every 5 minutes?  Foxyfficiency's got you covered there, too!  Important information will be displayed on the side of the screen ( and sometimes over a relevant character's head ) to remind you!  Everything is provided in the form of pictures, too, so it's accessible to all languages.

Don't like something that Foxyfficiency does, but can't live without some of its other features?  Every single thing in Foxyfficiency can be disabled and customized to your liking!

If you'd like to support me, head over this-a-way!

Download StardewConfigMenu to change Foxyfficiency's config options in-game!

I've opted to not include a bugs section on this page, because I won't be checking this site with any respectable frequency.  If you have a question, comment or concern, please do NOT send me PMs here - I probably won't see them and thus won't answer them.  Instead, contact me on Discord - you can find me on the Stardew Valley server in #modding. Please DM me rather than pinging me in the channel; I'm bad at checking stuff. =(

<< Feature Overview >>
Features red and crossed out aren't working in the newest version, and I haven't found a solution yet.

< Less Clicking >

  • Auto-Pet Animals / Dog
  • Auto-Water Dog Bowl
  • Auto-Milk cows/goats, Auto-Shear sheep
  • Auto-Enter doors you push into
  • Auto-Open/Close gates you pass
  • Auto-Open/Close animal door each morning/night.
  • Mark rectangular areas with mouse by holding spacebar
  •    Auto-Till Soil within area
  •    Auto-Plant seeds within area
  •    Auto-Cut Grass within area
  • Auto-Refill watering can
  • Auto-Water Crops
  • Auto-Harvest Crops
  • Auto-Pickup Collectables
  • Auto-Dig Mine Soil
  • Auto-Dig Artifact Spots
  • Auto-Smash Crates
  • Auto-Shake Trees/Berries
  • Auto-Break Stones/Twigs / Auto-Scythe Weeds/Dead Crops
  •     Can be set to only work within a marked area when on your farm
  •     Can be set to only affect valuable rocks when in the mine
  • Auto-Operate Machine / Collect Result
  • Auto-Cast line when holding rod near water / play fishing game / confirm caught fish
  •     What time to stop auto-fishing and pause the game at ( can range from 7am - midnight )
  • Auto-Hook fish
  • Auto-Loot treasure ( fish only, always, never )

< More Information >

  • Crops left to water on current screen ( and where )
  • Crops left to harvest on current screen ( and where )
  • Does dog need love, or water? ( and where )
  • Any artifact spots on the current screen? ( where )
  • Do animals need love, or milking/shearing? ( where )
  • Any foragable items on current screen ( where )
  • [ Mine ] Is there an exit, and if so where
  • [ Mine ] How many ores, gems, crates, and other nice things are there on the current floor ( and where )
  • When fishing : fishing info
  • Have you checked the cooking channel yet?!
  • Show a marker over items that have a use, ie. Community Center / Shipping / Museum
  • Is there a birthday today or tomorrow?  Do you have a gift they like somewhere?  Where is this person?
  • Have you spoken to a certain person yet? ( Icon over their head )
  • Show the locations of NPCs on the map!
  • Can you give a certain person a gift? ( Icon over their head, looks different if you have an item they like in your inventory / in your hand )
  • Using StardewConfigMenu, you can see your current "Grandpa Evaluation Score" ( in the More Information menu! )

< Quality of Life and Balance >

  • Each automatic click action has a cooldown to match how long it would have taken you to swing/charge the tool
  • Slow movement after an automatic click during its cooldown, to resemble having to stop to swing (without actually stopping you)
  • Auto-pause the game at the start of the day, in case you fell asleep while playing and passed out at 2am
  • Auto-pause the game after being idle for a definable amount of in-game time ( same reason, different method )
  • Prevent the use of stamina that would exhaust you
  • While waiting for fish, drastically increase the flow of time until a fish is hooked ( in single player only! )
  • Shield cancelling
  • Counter-cancelling
  • Objects that fall into water no longer disappear, but instead are pulled to the player.
  • Crops auto-harvested with the scythe grant farming exp
  • Improved Speed ( I use this mostly during testing, but left it in just in case someone wanted to use it. It gives a coffee-like boost to speed at all times. )

[ Upcoming Features ( In no particular order or time frame )]

  • Warning if weeds are close to causing damage to your farm
  • Notification of any available fish you have yet to catch
  • Reminders to visit the greenhouse, bat cave, and secret woods
  • Reminder to pick up your tools from Clint
  • Auto-parry with sword when about to take damage
  • Auto-loot garbage
  • Auto-talk to NPCs

<< Feature Details >>

< Automatic use of tools >
Your character can automatically "click" on tiles with your tools as you pass by them.  The only real differences between this and actually clicking is that your character will skip the animation of using the tool ( so that you don't get stopped in place each time - this was very annoying during initial tests! ), and the charge-up phase of the watering can and hoe will be skipped as well.  To balance this, any action that has skipped an animation will drastically slow your character for a moment, and any action that utilized a charged-up tool will slow you for even longer.

The following config options will control which tools are used automatically:


All of these options take an integer, and can either be 0, 1, or 2.

0 - They won't happen.
1 - They will happen if you are holding the tool (default)
2 - They will happen if the tool is anywhere in your inventory

Note that harvestCrops only needs a tool when harvesting wheat or other crops that require a scythe.

This specifies what button you want to use for selecting areas (the default is space).  The following features do not function everywhere, and require you to mark an area for them:


< Automatic Collection & Petting >

Your character can automatically "click" on things to be picked up and animals that require love.  The animation for these ( if one exists ) will play as normal, so there's no slowdown.  The following config options exist:

shakeBushes ( Berry bushes and also trees )
petAnimals ( Dog/Cat included! )
operateMachine ( Places held items into furnaces, etc )
collectMachine ( Takes ready items out of furnaces, etc )

< Doors and Gates >

 Rather than clicking on doors, you can just push into them ( like you would push through an NPC in your way ) and they will open for you.

 Gates ( the kinds that go on fences ) will open as you approach them and close behind you.

 The only option that doesn't require you to be in proximity, this one will open your barn doors in the morning when it's sunny and not winter, and close them when you go to bed.

< Automated Fishing >

 When a fish bites, it will automatically hook the fish to start the minigame.  This open is REQUIRED to be on in order for the other automated fishing options to work!

 The game will play the fishing minigame, but only at a similar level that a human player could do - it won't automatically catch the fish, and may fail from time to time on a harder fish.  It will go for treasure, if available.  When the fish is caught ( or lost ), it will automatically confirm the "you got a fish!" bubble and then automatically cast the line to the water again.  It will repeat this until you move, click the mouse, run low on energy, or the time gets later than...

 The game will automatically pause at this hour ( can range from 7-24, 24 being midnight ) when auto-fishing, so you can safely AFK while auto-fishing without worrying about passing out / missing some time-sensitive event.

 The game will automatically, after a short delay for you to see what was received, loot the treasure from fishing chests and close the window.  This can be 0, 1, or 2:

0 - Don't
1 - When autofishing only
2 - Always

< Other >

When auto-harvesting crops, the game won't harvest flowers within a certain distance of a bee house.  This isn't implemented in 1.0, though... sorry!

< Sidebar Information Panel >

The following options pertain to the information panel on the left side of the screen.


These options put panels with a counter on them, and an arrow pointing out from it.  This tells you how many of these things there are on the current map that you're on ( except showAnimalLoveFood, which counts for your whole farm ).  The green arrow points you to the closest related item of interest.  showAnimalLoveFood also puts small bubbles over the head of each animal that hasn't been loved/milked/shorn yet.

This works alongside showMineNiceThings. When true, stone ore ( the light gray rocks that give you experience and usually drop multiple rocks ) will be considered a nice thing, alongside ore, gems, and barrels.

Indicates if you've pet your dog / watered his bowl today.  Also puts a bubble over your dog's head when you haven't pet him.

Indicates if there is an NPC who has a birthday coming up.  If there is a number and the portrait is dark, then you have that many days until its their birthday, otherwise their birthday is today!  If they're on the same map as you, an arrow will point you in their direction.

Shows a picture of the Queen of Sauce if it's Sunday/Wednesday and you haven't watched the show yet.

Puts a bubble over each villager's head to indicate whether or not you've spoken to them today and whether or not you can give them a gift at the current time.  If you're holding a gift the gift bubble will flash with an icon that shows how much they like the gift - Skull, Sweatdrop, Silver Star, Gold Star, Iridium Star.

Presently, this will make any item in your inventory or in chests display a spinning leaf in the corner if you need it for a community center bundle still, a rusty key if needed for the museum, or a opening/closing box if needed for shipping achievements.

0 - Don't
1 - Only Community Center
2 - Community Center and Museum
3 - Both of the above plus Polyculture achievement

< Quality of Life / Balance >

This will auto-pause the game at the start of the day, in case you fell asleep while playing and passed out at 2am.  No more losing the entirety of a season!

Similar to the last option, this will auto-pause the game once you've been idle for a certain amount of in-game time, customizable in the next option.

How many in-game minutes must pass before the game will auto-pause for you.  Can range from 10-600 ( 600 being 10 hours ).

This disallows the player to swing a tool if it would result in you becoming exhausted.  Instead, the exhaustion emote (X) will pop up and say you're too tired.

This is true by default, but if you turn it to false your speed won't be reduced when auto-using tools ( a bit cheaty, but to each their own! )

False by default.  Plays the sound of your weapons's special ability going off cooldown when your auto-tool use goes off cooldown.

When using a weapon, you can immediately cancel a basic attack into a special ability at any time.  Useful if you need to emergency block, but it also works with the club and dagger abilities!

Allows you to attack out of a successful block.  Right now, however, I have no way to tell if the player has successfully blocked, so you can just attack out of any point of the blocking animation.

When your bobber is in the water, time will fast forward until a fish bites.  This is not the same as mods that make fish instantly bite - in-game time is still consumed at the same rate!  For obvious reasons, this will NOT work in multiplayer!

When items fall in the water, say when fishing with a full inventory or chopping down a tree, instead of disappearing in the water they will be pulled to the player's location.

< Other >

False by default.  Used by myself while testing the mod, this option boosts the player's default speed to be as if he had consumed coffee.  Cheaty, but left in anyway because I'm not here to judge how you play! =)