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Velociraptor horse replacement - Updated 4/17/2016 - Tail animation made a bit better. Also, minor tweaks to sprite, probably unnoticeable.

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  Hey there!
  This adds another dinosaur to your game, one that you can ride! A tan and a separate green velociraptor.

  This is my first mod (well if you can really even call it one, really just a reskin), but I hope you like it! Any problems or suggestions, feel free to let me know so I can improve. 

   - Go to your \Stardew Valley\Content\Animals folder
   - Always make sure to back up the files you're replacing, horse.xnb
   - Replace file with this horse.xnb
   - You're good to go!

Updated 4/17 2nd time (Once more, gosh! These uploading mistakes are telling me not to try to change things up while really tired.) 
  Alright, this should be the final time I mess with this, lol. (Had an issue where green raptor didn't save over old version, had to reupdate that last night, after fixing the animation. xD) NOW - Noticed when you travel upwards on raptor that the new tail animation blocked out the feet movement. Fixed up the feet movement, so it'll look like they aren't just hovering around on an invisible Segway. ...segway...hmmm... 

Sorry to inconvenience those that downloaded within the past 12hrs. :( (I'll make sure to double check everything from now on before uploading)

Updated Version - 4/17/2016 - Improved Tail Animation where it's not so jerky. Not much room to work with, especially with a long tail, but I think it's better. Minor tweaks to sprite: darkened outline a tiny bit and slightly widened the base of the raptor's tail, in profile view (side view), so it doesn't look as weird as it did. (Eer, new gif doesn't show the widening part, but it's there, lol)

Old Version

*Don't let your farm animals in the long grass, they may disappear from this clever girl ;)