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Content Pack version of Community Farm. A very large custom farm (156 by 156 tiles) that allows you and 9 friends to play on. Requires MTN.

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Community Farm is a very large map with the intention to have a large group of friends. The map is 156 by 156 tiles, with approximately 23,000+ of those tiles being usable for crops, buildings, or overall decorations. This mod was originally developed to demonstrate MTN's abilities with moving the Farmhouse & Greenhouse.

- A vast amount of usable land (Approximately 23,000+ tiles are usable)
- Supports a large group of friends
- Did we mention a large amount of land? Seriously... it maybe overwhelming on Single Player

Requires: MTN 1.2.1-beta1 or newer
- The map requires MTN due to the relocation of Farmhouse, Greenhouse, and other objects/buildings. Enhanced Multiplayer is required, which MTN provides. All players will need the map and MTN for Multiplayer.

Future Note: As of MTN 1.3.0 (future release), players who connect to a game containing MTN-based maps without MTN, the proper mods as declared by the host, and/or lack the Map mod in use will be rejected by the host (as designed by MTN).

Install Instructions:
1.) Install SMAPI & MTN
2.) Add the mod into the Mods folder.
3.) Have fun