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a mod makes bombs more useful.

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This mod changes explosion behavior, and adds some new features: 'Modify Damages To Enemies', 'Break Boulders',
'Collect Crystals', 'Larger Radius', and 'Cancel Enemy Invincibility'.
'Modify Damages To Enemies' modifies damage to enemies, so it makes bombs to be usable as a weapon.

These features won't work outside of mines(e.g. Quarry, Farm House).

  • 'Break Boulders' let bombs be able to break boulders.
  • 'Collect Crystals' let objects which can be grabbed(like crystals, and mushrooms) collectible with explosion.
  • 'Larger Radius' increases bomb radius, but note that it also increases damages and it can cause death easily.
  • 'Cancel Enemy Invincibility' let bombs remove enemy's invincibility. For example, breaks armor of armored bug, 
and mummies killed with bombs won't revive.

This mod requires SMAPI to be loaded.
There are two versions of this mod, 'for 1.2' and 'for 1.3' . Please select one (which game version you using).

Configuration file(config.json) will be generated when there is no config.json available.
ModifyDamagesToEnemies (bool, default:true) - Enable/Disable 'Modify Damages To Enemies'
BreakBoulders(bool, default:true) Enable/Disable 'Break Boulders'
CollectCrystals(bool, default:false) Enable/Disable 'Collect Crystals'
LargerRadius(bool, default:false) Enable/Disable 'Collect Crystals'
CancelEnemyInvincibility(bool, default:false) Enable/Disable 'Cancel Enemy Invincibility'
DamageMultiplier(float, default:3.0, min:1.0, max:3.0) - Damage multiplier of 'Modify Damages To Enemies'
RadiusIncreaseRatio(float, default:0.5, min:0.1, max:0.5) - Radius increase ratio for 'Larger Radius'

You can see it on GitHub.