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Mod that expands adventuring experience by adding beat-em-up dungeons.

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So, this mod is in it's very early state and it's incomplete right now, but codebase for it is already done and what it misses are just maps, which I'm planning to add... a lot.

Preview version 0.1 includes:

Adventure guild expansion and backyard - done
  • Boat travel
  • Old Temple dungeon - made around halfway
  • Old temple mobs - right now slimes only but that's a placeholder
  • Old Temple miniboss - needs some adjusting but is implemented

Will be in 0.2:

  • New guild member: Benjamin
  • Benjamin's editable spouse room
  • Ferry lady replaced with new guild member: Miriam
  • Revised guild backyard with Miriam's humble shack
  • Ability to sleep in guild's bed
  • Guild working hours 6:00 - 22:00

  • Full Old Temple dungeon with 8 rooms, including miniboss, single puzzle, boss, treasure and secret event(good luck).
  • Old Temple mobs replaced with custom ones
  • New ferry destination: flower fields. That place will allow for flower foraging - including forage flowers from all seasons and seasonal farmable flowers.
  • Western section of flower fields will be cramped with deadly bees.
  • Giant choppable flowers.
  • Daisy flower.
  • Lottery frog merchant. Gives you an item of a certain tier for 50, 100, 500 and 1000g respectively. Supports mod items. 1000g tier is unlocked after 6 hearts with Benj - you will receive a mail that informs you about that.
  • Massive Beehive dungeon in western section of flower fields. a dungeon of deadly giant bees, rivers of honey and ice(because you can get inside only in Winter). As for 0.2, will be inaccessible yet.
  • Benjamin's hideout in Flower Fields.
  • Four unique rare fishes catchable

Planned features:

  • New guild member: Trish
  • Adventure Guild events and daily requests
  • Possibly also crimson and blue-themed dungeons
  • Russian & Portuguese translations
  • More custom dungeons and other adventure guild content
  • The Conductor and places reachable by train
  • Possibly a desert town or at least an Inn near the skull cavern
  • Possibly another dungeon in Calico
  • Fish, items, npcs, objects and everything necessary for upcoming¬† dungeons to feel a real part of the game and not the dull maps

Install SMAPI and then copy mod folder into a SMAPI's "Mods/" folder. Remember, it can break your save, so please, backup your saves before playing.
Also, first versions will feature some hardcoded keybindings(J and K buttons) used for debug purposes. feel free to push them, but that can break something.
I'll be glad to hear reviews but remember: in it's current state this mod may and will contain a lot of bugs. I'll try to fix everything as soon as possible, but, please, do not rush me to do so. It will be a massive mod, so I'm trying to adjust every map to feel fitting in SW gameplay.

Why development is pretty slow
At first, goal of this mod was in adding more dungeon to expand the adventuring experience but now I see that dungeons by themselves are just not enough to really expand the world. Adventuring in SW is deeply connected with literally every other mechanic in the game - you can forage, mine, fish and even dig for treasure in ALL vanilla dungeons(I consder Secret Woods and Bug Lair sort of a dungeon, too). That means I need to thoroughly think and implement unique things that you can't earn without visiting new dungeons, and in which way that things will be helpful to player's progression.
So while I'm implementing first dungeons, I'm also adding side-stuff. Also, I plan to add a simple plot around each set of the dungeons. For example, adventure guild plot will be all about the fact that there are no freshmen because of Joja's influence, and almost everyone in the guild is an elderly person.
That's the issue. I want the players to not only walk through the maps once and take their prize, I want them to play with those maps, to make use of them, to travel and stay somewhere away for a couple of days, to get something fabulous and surprising for the game they already played a lot.

Help wanted!
I'm not so good with the pixel art, so I'l be glad to have someone who can make foes and bosses. I really want to have some epic boss fights, but I do not have really epic bosses. Contact me here or through @Navi on the official SW Discord.