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The reminder mod helps you keep track of all the list of 'to-dos' you may have in your mind on saving.

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The reminder mod helps you keep track of all the list of 'to-dos' you may have in your mind on saving.  Many of us don't have the luxury of playing for hours on end and may have to unexpectedly leave the game and save due to IRL responsibilities. 
The reminder mod allows you to add a custom now before sleeping and saving the game.  The note will be available for you when you next load the game.  Simple. There is always that moment when your load the gave next day or hours  later and think; "wait... What was my priority list, was it more hardwood? Did I need to add a diamond to my bag for Penny? 2 days left to get a sea cucumber etc. "Unfortunately we all have our own real life to take care of,  not just stardewThe reminder mod gives you a hassle free way to evidently remind yourself on your next load with our having to write it down with a pen and pad. Just simply remind yourself with a quick note that's interested into the game. Save a real tree and cut down one in stardew.

Drag and drop the contents of the .zip file into your Mods folder

The notes interface will be shown when loading the game. Use the ~ or ` key (tilde) to open the note interface. The interface will show and allow you to edit the note. Please note that it is currently limited to the size of the box.

planbOZ for making the request in r/StardewValley and for providing a description.
PathosChild for SMAPI and making Stardew modding possible
ConcernedApe for StardewValley