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redriott peachpunk

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turns space boots into steel toed boots cus the spaceboots is ugly (includes customizable .png files in the assets folder if u wanna edit any of the other boots too)

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whats up ive never modded before but ykno
this mod literally just. turns the space boots into steel toed boots. what u see is what u get,
this mod requires content patcher/smapi!
simply unzip the file and copy paste the folder into your mods folder!

id also like to note that ive noticed that the mod wont alter the name of already obtained space boots (or at least it didnt for me initially??), so if you already have space boots in your inventory and theyre still called "space boots" then just spawn or find another pair and they should have the correct name

also also, you can feel free to customize this mod all you like! the spritesheet that has the sprites for all the footwear and the colours for the farmers boots are in the assets folder in the mod, so i dont mind if you edit some sprites in there to your liking! the content.json already loads both those files in their entirety so all you'd probably have to do is edit them however u want lol
just dont like. reupload this mod with the steel toed boots without credit,,,, i'd very much like to see what others make! i wanna see ya pretty shoes n whatnot

i think thats it ok have fun tell me if somethins broke or u have any problems (it should work in 1.3 beta bc thats wht i made the mod with so ont worry lol)

UPDATE 2018/07/30:
new code that doesnt alter the entirety of the springobject spritesheet (thanks to help from sharkstinger!) and a japanese translation! (which is. already in the code so. no seperate download needed. wooo)
(dw if u wanted to sprite ur own boots the assets file includes the sprites for all the shoes and the content.json also already covers that)