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This mod replaces the vanilla earth obelisk with a pink crystal and the water obelisk with a blue crystal.

Permissions and credits
I didn't really like the aesthetic of the vanilla obelisks so I decided to replace them with my own! I made mine a little bit shorter so they don't take up so much visual space. I also left the crystals at 90% opacity so that they're slightly see-through to add a bit of detail. This is more noticeable in the water obelisk in my pictures than in the earth obelisk. This mod is a Content Patcher mod, but if anyone wants .xnb's of the obelisks I'll upload those too.

Just unzip "CoppersCrystalObelisks.zip" and drop the folder named CoppersCrystalObelisks into the mods folder in your Stardew Valley installation directory. 

  • SMAPI 2.5.2+
  • Content Patcher 1.0+

This mod won't be compatible with any other Content Patcher mods that change the obelisk textures.

The texture on the greenhouse is from Eemie's Medieval Modern Buildings and the ground recolor is from Starblue Valley. 

Catcattycat's Desert Obelisk: 
By request, I have made a matching crystal retexture of Catcattycat's desert obelisk. As of now, I have not been able to figure out how to integrate the retexture into my main content pack, so if you'd like to download this retexture, you'll have to replace the png in the assets folder in the Desert Obelisk mod folder. If you're using Starblue Valley, rename my file to "Desert Obelisk Starblue.png" and replace that png in the assets folder. If you're not using Starblue Valley, you don't need to rename the file, just replace "Desert Obelisk.png". 
Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to integrate the desert obelisk retexture into the main content pack, but until then, this retexture will be under "Optional Files".