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Alters the original sprites and portrait of Shane, Sebastian, Harvey, Alex, Sam and Elliott.

Permissions and credits
The mod is for SMAPI's Content Patcher, and may be extracted directly into the "Stardew Valley/Mods/" folder.

Each set of sprites is entirely independent, simply delete a folder to revert a character to default.
(Personally I don't use the Sebastian mod).
Does not affect save file.

These files will alter the sprites and portraits of Shane, Sebastian, Harvey, Alex, Sam and Elliott.
These files are an adaptation of an XNB mod by Shane train 22 of the Chucklefish Forums.
The altered sprites are more muscular, and older looking in some cases.
While named "Bara Bachelors" this content pack is entirely SFW.

Elliott and Sam are set to be beardless in Spring and Summer and grow them out in Fall and Winter.
This can be altered if you prefer, by editing the "content.json" in their respective folders.
Simply delete the "When" line from your preferred style, and delete the unwanted style completely. 
(If I see enough requests, I may add the bearded/non-bearded styles as separate packs.)

"Format": "1.3",
"Changes":[ // replace an entire file

{ // No Beard Portrait
"Action": "Load",
"Target": "Portraits/Sam",
"FromFile": "assets/Sam_portrait.png", 
"When": { "Season": "spring, summer" }
}, // No Beard Portrait End

{ // No Beard Sprite
"Action": "Load",
"Target": "Characters/Sam",
"FromFile": "assets/Sam_sprites.png",
"When": { "Season": "spring, summer" }
}, // No Beard Sprite End

{ // Bearded Portrait
"Action": "Load",
"Target": "Portraits/Sam",
"FromFile": "assets/Sam_portrait_beard.png",
"When": { "Season": "fall, winter" }
}, // Bearded Portrait End

{ // Bearded Sprite
"Action": "Load",
"Target": "Characters/Sam",
"FromFile": "assets/Sam_sprites_beard.png",
"When": { "Season": "fall, winter" }
} // Bearded Sprite End