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A Content Patcher pack to recolor the scythe, copper pan, milk pail, and shears to match the rest of the upgraded tools.

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It has always bothered me that you could not upgrade the scythe in Stardew Valley when you could upgrade everything else. When carrying the scythe in your inventory it would always stick out like a sore thumb, especially if all your other tools were gold or iridium. So, thanks to the magic of Content Patcher, it is now easy to recolor the scythe to match your other tools! (And by extension the copper pan that you can unlock later in the game. Why copper? Why not a higher level of upgrade?)

It should be noted that none of these tools will be actually upgraded. They are just being changed to match the rest of your inventory. The names are not changing either so if you change the color of the copper pan to something other than copper, or the golden scythe to iridium the item will still be called the copper pan or golden scythe. You are basically just coloring it to match everything else. I also have yet to figure out how to rename the different tools.

I did the recolors myself, pulling the colors I used directly from the axe and the hoe from each quality of upgrade that are not their usual default color. I first took inspiration from the Iridium Scythe Recolor by DuosAngel for the idea in the first place but the rest of the upgrades for the scythe and the copper pan were all mine. 

This mod should come with a config.json to use from the download to choose your settings and to select your colors. Acceptable color values for both ScytheColor and PanColor in the config.json are: base, copper, iron, gold, and iridium

You can turn on and off the recolors for the scythe or the pan in the config as well. So if you only wanted the scythe to be recolored and not the copper pan you can easily do that. You can also mix/match the different colors if that is what you wish.

1.1 Update:

Thanks to some of the feedback I received for the first version of this mod, I have decided to add recolor options for both the milk pail and the shears as well! The color options available are exactly the same as the ones for the scythe and the copper pan.

1.2 Update:

This mod is now 1.4 compatible! Since 1.4 has added the Golden Scythe I have created an Iridium version of it so it can continue to match everything! The options for the bigger scythe colors are gold and iridium.