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Ever felt a little guilty for vanishing your friends to a little vanilla house on your farm? Search no longer; here's a redesign for the multiplayer cabin in Stardew Valley using Content Patcher!!

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Despite my excitement for the release of multiplayer, I couldn't help feeling bad my sister had to stay in an immutable vanilla house while my farm was modded in about every other aspect imaginable :) Hence, this mod!

It's just a small re-design for the multiplayer cabin (currently set for the log cabin, but can be adjusted for either of the other two by changing 'log cabin' for 'stone cabin' or 'plank cabin' in the content file respectively). The concept for the cabin itself was inspired by a building I saw on Overwatch, adapted to fit my rather limited expertise with both modding and digital drawing. I hope someone can enjoy this, though!

A huge thank you goes to Lavender for her Do it Yourself series, where I found the vanilla pngs and the general disposition of the cabins; you can find her work here:

Requires SMAPI and Content Patcher as well as Stardew 1.3; you know the drill, just unzip the file and drop it in the Mods folder. (One of the files is the base design, while the other changes the cabin with the season).