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Junimo notes recolored to match interface mods (separate)

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This mod posting will be for Junimo Note recolors I'm making intended to match interface recolors  made by other mod creators.

For now, the only one I've made is intended to match the cranberry Garden Variety Interface recolor (which has an unofficial conversion for Content Patcher at post 312 here, thanks to Kuriiyo). I can't post the full interface or its unofficial conversion, as they are not my work. Credit for the original goes to Seismothesaurus.

Coming soon! The Junimo Note to match the other Garden Variety Interface recolors. If there's another interface mod out there that doesn't include a Junimo Note recolor, I'd welcome you to call it to my attention and I can make a recolor for it as I get the time or more immediately if you want it.


NOTE: There are 3 versions included in the files you will download, depending on how you want to install this to your game. If you are unfamiliar with installing mods, view my readme.txt, provided here or in the download.
Both the ContentPatcher and XNBLoader versions will require SMAPI (created while using beta.16, should work with any working version that supports Content Patcher)

My Readme file (also in your download):

To Install:
If you wish to use the ContentPatcher version, which I recommend most:
Download and install ContentPatcher for your version of the game (whether 1.2 or 1.3).
Copy the [CP] Junimo Note Recolors folder into your Mods folder.
Start the game once to have the game create a config file, then close it.
Open the config.json file and change the word to which recolor of the Junimo Note that you want to use (as of today, 6/21/18, I have only created 1 recolor, cranberry--I'll create more in the near future)

If you wish to overwrite your files: (Not recommended. If you do this, ALWAYS backup your files in case you want to go back later or if something gets messed up.)
Open Overwrite Version folder and place Content folder in your Stardew valley folder.

If you wish to use XNBLoader: (Only for 1.2 and not fully recommended. Content Patcher functions better and isn't as likely to break in future game updates)

Install XNBLoader if you haven't already, It can be found here: (I included this because I used to use it myself, before ContentPatcher)
Open the "XNBLoader Version" folder in the files you downloaded here, and copy the "Mods" folder into your Stardew Valley folder. If you had another file that XNBLoader used to change the Junimo Note default file, click yes to overwrite it.
If you want the rest of the interface in a similar cranberry color in a content patcher compatible version, go to this forum thread ( at post 312 and download the Garden Variety Interface Recolors (unofficial update) provided by Kuriiyo. A non-content patcher version is available on Nexus Mods.

Special Thanks to: Seismothesaurus for the Garden Variety Interface recolors
Pathoschild for Content Patcher
Kuriiyo for the unofficial conversion of the Garden Variety Interface recolors
And as always: ConcernedApe and Chucklefish for this superb game!