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Instantly drink coffee or espresso, stack speed buffs, change the duration of buffs, change the speed of buffs, and automatically consume drinks when desired. Support for other mods that add coffee typed drinks to the game.

Permissions and credits
Auto Coffee
- Stack speed buffs
- Instantly consume coffee by pressing 'Q'
- Auto drink coffee toggled by pressing 'Space'
- Change speed buff duration
- Change speed buff strength
- Configurable options
- Add drinks or items from other mods

1. [Install the latest version of SMAPI](
2. Install this mod by unzipping and dropping it into the Mods folder.
3. Run the game using SMAPI.

How to Use
Have coffee in your inventory 
Manual-drink: immediately consume coffee by pressing `Q`
Auto-drink: always keep speed buffs active (toggle with space)

If you feel your coffee habits are affecting your gameplay you can tweak its settings by editing the `config.json` file. You can also add items that can be consumed for speed.
These are the available settings:
  • coffeeButton: changes the key to drink coffee. Default: "Q".
  • autoToggleButton: changes key to toggle auto drink. Default "Space"
  • stackAmount: the amount of coffee you can drink at once.  Default: 2
  • autoDrink: will load the game with auto drink on. Default: false
  • coffeeDeffinition: add or modify coffee effects. Default: [ [395, 120, 2], [253, 300, 2] ] Syntax: [itemID, duration, modifier]

Stardew Valley 1.5
Stardew Valley 1.4
Stardew Valley 1.3
Multiplayer: Mod will only have an effect on the player that has it installed.