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Hi Everyone! I made these alternate versions of strawberrymilk95's maps for my own personal use, but I noticed the complaints as well and I asked for her permission to post the ones I modded from her Original creation! I loved her map so much but It was missing a few things I wanted. So have fun!

Permissions and credits
[left]So I made some changes such as the borders having more Foliage, there are more bushes, a smaller lake above your house, a smaller sauna, a smaller river, more farming space, no cliff outcropping at the bottom. I extended the space at the bottom of the map where you leave to head to the Forest. I wish I knew how to make it so bushes could be knocked down BUT they are usable, I also would love to know how to make grass dig-able. Otherwise I kept to her layout and just added things I really wanted. 
I made 4 different versions: 
- The original just with more Farming space and a smaller sauna, as well as no cliff:  
> Farm_foraging
- One with no lamp posts: >Farm_Foraging_nolamps
- One with no stairs: 
>Farm Foraging_nostairs
- One with no stairs and no lamp posts
> Farm_Foraging_nostairs_nolamps
Each of these files have all the changes I've made, and are named after the little details of what the map has. The first is very similar to strawberrymilk95's. And the rest are named with whats different. To install them just replace the original file Farm_foraging.xnb and with each one remove the extra wording so it says Farm_foraging.png when you put it into Content/Maps. Make sure you back up your original files as well. A big personal THANK YOU! to strawberrymilk95 for not minding me modding her maps and posting it for others to use as well! If she wants these on her page, this page may get taken down.
P.S. I added newer versions because I'm super PICKY! just more details... Yeah.

Sorry about all the files, I noticed a few more things and fixed them. If anyone else notices anything let me know... Ay ya.

So while I was playing I noticed a layer fix I needed to do with the cave entrance and I wanted more bushes because of berry's. So the map looks more balanced now. [/left]