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Replaces the default orange cat with a sphynx cat of your choice. You can even give it a sweater!

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BlueWind95's Sphynx Cat Replacer [Content Patcher Edition]

I made this mod because while long-haired cats are beautiful, and there's many wonderful mods out there to replace your pet, there was none that featured a Sphynx, which is a breed of cat I love. Though their thin and hairless forms are a little weird at first, they're really lovely cats and I wanted to have one in Stardew Valley too. So... presenting the sphynx cat replacer!

This is a Content Patcher mod, so it requires Content Patcher. Please get it here. In case you haven't used Content Patcher mods before, I included a readme file that'll tell you what to do. If you have, well, you'll know what to do already, but you may still find the readme an accessible reference for the included options, especially as more options continue to be added in the future. There's a lot of options already, especially with the sweaters. I uploaded an image to show them. There's 21 base options (including the several eye colors for the white cats), and, if the sweaters are included, with each color, that's 69 options. So I'm sure you'll find something you like!

Please do enjoy.

Currently available cat colors and varieties:

  • Blue eyes
  • Green eyes
  • Heterochromia
  • Green eyes
  • Green eyes
  • Golden eyes
  • Chocolate point
  • Flame point (reddish)
  • Ivory (a very light, golden brown color)
  • Dark orange eyes
  • Golden eyes
Tortoiseshell (Tortie)
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cinnamon (reddish)
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Ghost (mildly transparent)
  • Seasonal (changes colors with the seasons)
  • Rainbow
  • Prismatic (darker and more saturated than rainbow)
  • Void

Now with sweaters!

No longer will your hairless cat need to be out in the cold with no protection! This mod now comes with a sweater option, and you have 3 colors of sweater to choose from, and all eligible cats can use any of them. Not only that, but you have more choices when it comes to the sweaters. You can choose to have your cat wear it all the time, or you can choose to have the cat wear it only on colder days. Colder days mean days when it's windy, or raining (including storms), or all through the winter. You can also choose to have your cat never wear a sweater at all.

Important, though! Fantasy cats are considered nature spirits for this mod. As nature spirits, they don't need to wear sweaters, so they won't. You can pick a sweater color, but they'll never wear it. In the end, the point of them is, I feel, their unique and fantastic appearance, and the sweater would cover up most of it. 

Now also with icons!

You ever felt it strange that you'd have this small hairless cat on your farm, but when you look at the menu, it'd be marked as a fluffy orange cat? Me too. So now the mod also comes with a matching icon for your cat! If it's a seasonal cat, it will even change with the seasons, along with your cat!

Future plans:

  • More "Fantasy" cats (more variations on ghost cat colors? some kind of elemental thing? metals?)
  • More color patterns (tabby? piebald?)
  • More varieties for existing patterns (both in skin color and eyes)
  • Maybe eventually a couple more sweater colors

*- Blue and Lavender are the names of the cat coat colors. They're diluted forms of other solid colors. Blue is the diluted form of black, so it's a bluish grey. Lavender is the diluted form of chocolate, so it's a very light, frosty brown.