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these are ribbed Animals from Breath of Fire 3 for the Content Patcher!
- 7 different cats with config
- 4 different dogs with config
- Critters

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Works with 1.5

-here we have 7 different cats from breath of fire 3.. u can chose which coulro in the config

-Then u have 4 different dogs  with a config as well 

- i Did some stuff for  the Critters as well 

- in the livestock section there are :-all 4 chickens 
  - the babypig and adult pig ^ 
Edit:reuploedet the cats becouse i forgot somethings...and also there is a dog now 

Edit:reuploedet the dog becouse i did a whoopsie its working..and addet Critters 
for the Critters i recoulord only the gull in a Bof 3 style some of teh Critters are he old one becouse i coulnd find a good replacement 

Edit:the Adult Chickens are here now the livestock file 

Edit:Babypigs and Pigs ..i had to improve with the babypig version

Edit: i just addet the cats for xnb users

Edit:i addet some more coulor options for the Cats and Dogs..the Dogs have a config now as well

Edit : updated dogs and cats for all 3 different stardew dogs and cats ^^

Edit: dogs and cats changes now the icons ,too...added one mor chicken and added new critters  for 1.5 (mostly birds)

u can support me here --->