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Replaces the Night Market paintings with 9 LGBT+ Pride Flags.
Happy Pride Month!

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In honor of Pride Month I made a mod that changes the 9 Night Market Paintings to various LGBT+ Pride Flags!

Red Eagle ---> Gay Pride Flag

Someone who is attracted to the same gender.
Also used as an umbrella term for anyone in the LGBT+ community.

Portrait Of A Mermaid ---> Bisexual Pride Flag

Someone who is attracted to two genders, most commonly male and female, but not always.
Solar Kingdom ---> Transgender Pride Flag

Someone who doesn't identify with their birth sex.
Clouds ---> Pansexual Pride Flag

Someone who is attracted to another person despite their gender.
1000 Years From Now ---> Asexual Pride Flag

Someone who does not feel sexual attraction to anyone.
Three Trees ---> Lesbian Pride Flag

A woman who is attracted to other women.
The Serpent ---> Genderqueer Pride Flag

A term most often used an umbrella term to describe anyone who doesn't identify with male or female, AKA the Gender Binary.
Also could describe someone who identifies with both.

Tropical Fish #173 ---> Agender Pride Flag

Someone who does not identify with any gender.
Land Of Clay ---> Demisexual Pride Flag

Someone who does not feel sexual attraction to anyone until they have a strong emotional bond with someone.

*Optional Files*
I made these flags into an optional file because they replace Non-Night Market paintings. You install one or the other file, not both. The optional file still contains the original 9 flags along with these 3.

Pathways ---> Aromantic Pride Flag

Someone who does not feel romantic attraction.
The Muzzamaroo ---> Non-Binary Pride Flag

Umbrella term for someone who does not identify with a gender on the gender binary.
Primal Motion ---> Genderfluid Pride Flag

Someone who does not have a fixed gender, someone who's gender changes unintentionally.

I recommend spawning these in with a mod like CJB Item Spawner seeing as right now you can only get them from Famous Painter Lupini at the Night Market and each night it's a random flag, so it could be three years before you get the flag you want.

I will try to fix that whole things by making them their own items or having them be sold by Robin or Pierre or The Travelling Cart Lady, but until then just spawn 'em in.

Also you need Content Patcher in order to run this mod.

I am aware that I did not get every Sexuality or Gender Identity but I could only put in 9 flags so I chose the ones that were most common or were the identities of someone I knew.

If you want me to add you Sexuality/Gender Identity's flag just leave a comment and I'll try to get around to it.

Anyways, Happy Pride Month!
or just happy whatever if you're not downloading this in June.