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Removes all (5) clutter objects from the cellar. Does not alter cellar size or anything else. Works with existing cask layout. Uses and requires Content Patcher.

Permissions and credits
No Cellar Clutter removes all (5) clutter objects (barrels and wood piles) from the cellar.

That's all it does - it neither changes the size of the cellar, nor adds a crime-fighting Batcomputer™.

I was unable to find a mod that only removed cellar clutter, so I made this. Apologies if I duplicated something existing.

This being my first Stardew Valley mod, any feedback is appreciated. Cheers!

* I no longer play SDV so I won't be updating this mod to v1.3. Anyone is free to do so if they wish, full permission is granted. *

  • Tested with Stardew Valley v1.2 only. Reported to not work with v1.3 multiplayer.
  • Should be compatible with anything that doesn't modify Cellar.tbin or its containing archive: Content/Maps/Cellar.xnb


  • This mod requires Content Patcher.
  • Content Patcher requires SMAPI.
  • If anyone prefers an .xnb version just ask, I'll post an optional download.

To Install
  • Does not require a new game. You can install this without altering your existing cask layout. Upon loading, the previously cluttered tiles will be empty.
  • Extract the downloaded archive to your regular Mods\ directory. The resulting path should be: Stardew Valley\Mods\[CP] NoClutterCellar\

To Uninstall
  • Remove casks from upper-right and lower-left areas of cellar or they could be superimposed over clutter and potentially unmovable.
  • Delete the previously extracted directory: Stardew Valley\Mods\[CP] NoClutterCellar\