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Upgraded machines to more efficiently process your items

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  • Turkish
Add a few, more efficient machines to make your life a bit easier.

Right now only furnaces are done but i'm planning on making better jars, kegs of 3 tiers like the furnace and an advanced version of the charcoal kiln (Better Wood to Coal conversion and adding Hardwood), the seed maker (More seeds the higher quality the crop is) and a fish pond (Add fish + bait, wait a day, get 2 fish)

Furnaces come in three tiers:
  • Iron: Requires 2 coals and 20 ores to start working, its 10% more time efficient than refining 4 times and requires 50% less fuel, delivers 4 bars.
  • Gold: Requires 3 coals and 45 ores to start working, its 20% more time efficient than refining 9 times and requires 66.66% less fuel, delivers 9 bars.
  • Iridium: Requires 1 solar essence and 60 ores to start working, its 30% more time efficient than refining 12 times and uses a different type of fuel, delivers 12 bars.
Requires SMAPI & Custom Farming Redux

Only tested for Version 1.3 of Stardew Valley, might not be compatible with 1.2

Note: MP now available requires the latest version of Custom Farming Redux, also everyone should have it installed along with these machines.

Extract this into the Mods Folder.