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Adds Rabites from the Mana Series as a cute new pet. Many different variants are available!

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This mod adds rabites from the Mana series as a cute new pet!

There are many different variants are available to choose from, including: yellow rabites, pink silktails, and rarer black rabites.
These balls of fluff can all be adopted from Marnie once you have the ability to buy pet licenses. Alternatively, the rabite and silktail can be chosen as your preferred pet at the start of a new game, where you'll get a new Marnie pet event to receive one.

The rabites have a complete set of animations, behaviours, and sounds. Once you've become best friends with your rabite, they may give you an item when you pet them if they're feeling nice enough. They can give you a range of goodies, but look out for their rare gold gift.

Thanks to the Hats On Pets Plus mod, these little guys can also wear any hat that you want to put on them!
Just make sure you also have the HOPP mod installed alongside this one.

Also thanks to Caranud for providing a French translation.
If you want to translate this mod into another language, please comment under the posts section of this page.

Please note:
This mod requires Content Patcher to be installed, and for you to be running Stardew 1.6.3 or later.

And finally, I hope you enjoy the mod!!