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Gives Sam a haircut, for both Portrait and Sprite! (and options for Sam's eye color and recolored clothing)

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Ches's Sam Portrait Mod

For those who don't want to deviate too much from Stardew's vanilla style, but maybe want Sam to visit a barber real quick. I originally made this for myself, then decided to upload in case anyone else likes it too!


Now available in the Seasonal Villager Outfits mod!
The kind folks over at DSVO did the work of integrating my Sam with SVO, you can download it as an optional file there! <3


Updated for 1.5! The SVO version is also up to date. I tested the configs quickly and they seem to be working, but I haven't tested it thoroughly so let me know if you run into any issues, especially with the new sprites and portraits.

Update History

January 18, 2021: Version 1.2
  • Updated for 1.5

December 6, 2019: Version 1.1
  • Updated for 1.4
  • Added green jacket/yellow shirt as an option

January 31, 2019
: Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed discoloration of Sam's flower dance outfit
  • Removed weird brown dots appearing over Sam's head when playing his video game
  • Changed default eye color to his original portrait/sprite

October 20, 2018: Version 1.0.2
  • GOT IT. Config should be working now.
  • Never mind, technical difficulties. Still figuring it out!
  • Options for blue eyes, green eyes, or original (blue portrait, green sprite) now available in a config file.

October 6, 2018
  • Working on making a green-eyed sprite version. Might even make a version with matching green-eyed portraits. I'll make a config to let you pick blue, green, or original (blue portrait, green sprite)!

June 5, 2018

  • Technical difficulties resolved, Sam should now come with sprites to match his portraits.
  • I have the art for Sam's sprites done, but am encountering technical difficulties in sizing. I'll update the mod as soon as I figure that out.

May 31, 2018
  • I feel like I gave Sam a big enough haircut that I'll need to fix his sprites to match. This is currently what I'm working on.
  • I'm contemplating doing a few others. I mostly have Alex done, so he might be going up soonish as well. I suppose then it'll be Ches's Portraits Mod? Whoop.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.