Stardew Valley
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About this mod

Stardew Patcher is a small program that patches the stardew valley exe so that modding becomes easier.

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How to use the patcher:
  1. Install SMAPI as usual
  2. Extract the zip file so that StardewPatcher.exe is in the same folder as your stardew valley exe
  3. Run the patcher
  4. Windows: Click on StardewPatcher.exe
    Linux: Click on StardewPatcher -
    Mac Osx: Click on StardewPatcher - Mac.command
  5. Follow the instructions displayed by the patcher
  6. Play stardew valley with patcher-based mods!
  • Do I need to run the patcher each time I want to play with mods?
  • No, you only need to run the patcher after stardew has updated or reverted its exe file - the patch edits the exe in a permanent fashion
  • How do I uninstall the patch?
  • During the patching process, a copy of stardew valley with the `_original` suffix is created, simply delete the version without the suffix, and rename the suffixed version to no longer have this suffix
  • Is this patch safe to use?
  • Yes, the patch is 100% safe, and has no impact on your game unless you are using mods that require the patch
  • My anti-virus is complaining about this being a virus!
  • To do its job, the patcher needs to modify your stardew valley exe file, some anti-virus believe programs that can do this are virusses even when that is not the case.
  • I am a modder, and this patcher is missing a feature I need, how can I get it?
  • Simply report the issue on the patcher github, and I will aid you with a solution as soon as possible
Source Code
The source code for the patcher can be found at its dedicated github:

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