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A group of simple shed expansions.

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Ace's Simple Sheds
Have you ever wished for a larger shed? Have your needs outgrown the minuscule
space provided leading to more and more sheds filling your farm? Do you need somewhere
to hide the bodies? Then step right up because you're in luck! For the low, low cost of FREE**,
you can have each and every shed on your farm upgraded to any number of new styles!
**Only free if config set to false, when true, sheds cost more money (30000/4000, 35000/45000,
& 45000/55000 for the Shed and Big Shed of each type respectively)

Basic shed parameters: Type 1 is roughly double the size of the vanilla shed, Type 2 is slightly bigger
than Type 1 extended back from the door, and Type 3 is roughly quadruple the size of the vanilla shed.

Content Patcher
Ace's Building Tilesheets

1. Download Shed Type you want
2. Unzip into the "Mods" folder
3. Play the game and enjoy!