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Shorts for your farmer lady!

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Hi there!
I made this mod as just a personal thing. So I could switch between Alex_01's skirts and my shorts whenever I felt like it. Therefore, I don't really see myself doing a male version of this mod, unfortunately. If you personally would like to edit this mod to fit the male farmer base, then you have my permission to do so, just make sure to credit me.

The base body I used is by RuneNL so credit goes to them for that. I have edited it to fit my personal tastes, therefore I have removed the breasts and the extended shoulders and fixed/changed a couple animations that I personally wasn't a fan of. I also added the vanilla sleeves and bikini back in, minus the sandals. The shorts are fully done and matched to animations by me.

UPDATE 30/03/16:
I edited the crotch area, made the shorts more compatible with light and bright colours, edited shading slightly, fixed a stray pixel and updated all pictures.


First choose your preferred version - rounded face or vanilla face:

Navigate to your Stardew Valley installation folder and place the file into Content/Characters/Farmer - make sure to make a backup of your original farmer_girl_base.xnb before replacing the file.

Currently working on:

-Editing the colours slightly so the shorts support light colours a little better without a harsh outline.  - complete
-Perhaps making a shorter version, around 1 pixel shorter.

Extra notes/credits:

The hairstyles pictured are my personal edits of others mods: The first two are edits of the 2nd and 9th hairstyle seen on the More Hair mod by Pencilstab and the third is a personal edit of Leah's hairstyle. The last is a slight edit of the  Dangan Ronpa female hairs by ZeiaZeh. I will likely not release these, seen as they are simply personal edits of hairstyles that are not fully made by me. Shirt on animations picture by RuneNL, slightly edited by me.