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Tokiri's fox dog replacer converted for Content Patcher. Includes recolors with a config file.

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As a huge fox lover, Tokiri's fox was always a necessity in my games. As we are now moving away from xnb mods, I took the time to convert it for Content Patcher as well as add optional recolors.

The config file will allow you to change the color. To change the color, locate the config under [CP] Fox Dog Replacer  (found in your mods folder).

The red fox is the default. No edit is necessary, just install normally and run.

The acceptable values for FoxColor are red, white, and snowglow. (Note: There are currently more accepted values, but the sprite sheets are not refined yet. They probably look incomplete as they are, so I'm not going to list these other values yet).

The acceptable values for  FoxReplaces are: 
  • dog
  • dog1
  • dog2
  • cat
  • cat1
  • cat2
  • all
  • both (you shouldn't need this one - included only for backwards compatibility with older versions and for updating)

Example config:

  "FoxColor": "white",
  "FoxReplaces": "dog2"

Future Plans:
  • More recolors - albino, silver + more planned (The coding is done and I've included the beginnings of the recolors, but they still need refined to animate smoothly in the game)
  • An arctic variety that changes with the season (In progress, will be released in following updates)
  • Further refinements on the icon sprite sheets to allow for more precise matching (ex: white fox gets white icon)
  • Open to suggestions.

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