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Displays the current location as a popup when changing to a new location/map.

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I got inspired by a similar mod by Omegasis which is also called "CurrentLocation". But i wasn't satisfied how it worked and how it displayed the names. So I made my own version with a little more features:
  • displays the name as a popup of a location after changing to a new location/map for a few seconds in the bottom left corner
  • displays your real name of your farm instead of "Farm", e.g. "My Farm"
  • your farm name is displayed everywhere on your farm, e.g. when you're in a shed it displays "My Farm: Shed"
  • displays names of private rooms, e.g. Sebastian's room: "Carpenter's Shop: Sebastian's Room" because it's located in the Carpenter's Shop
  • displays level of current mine when changing to a new level, e.g. "Mines: Level 23"
  • mostly it displays the same text as it is shown on the map
  • also works for special transportations like minecarts, the bus to Calico Desert and back or the Return Scepter from Krobus
  • also works for festivals (new in version 1.1)

Currently it's localized in german and english language, but defaults to english if you use another language.


  1. Install the latest stable version of SMAPI - no beta version.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into "Stardew Valley/Mods".
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.


Delete the folder "CurrentLocation" in "Stardew Valley/Mods".


Developed on the following setup:
Windows 7 SP1 x64
Stardew Valley: 1.2
SMAPI: 2.5.5

This mod is currently not compatible with Stardew Valley 1.3beta. I will update it when Stardew Valley 1.3 is not in beta status anymore.

I can't test it on Mac or Linux.


After installing this mod start the game once and a config file config.json will be generated, where you can edit some settings:
  • UseFallbackNames: { true|false } - change behavior how unknown locations are handled
  •     true: use default names how the game is handling the names; false: don't display unknown names as popups
  • FestivalShowSpecialIcon: { true|false } - whether to display a star symbol in popup for festivals (new in version 1.2)
  •     true: display star symbol for festival names; false: display normal popup for festival names
  • VerboseLogging: { true|false } - more detailed debug logging
  •     true: enable debug logging; false: disable debug logging