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This mod changes all colors of cows, chickens, and the dog (if that's what you picked) into their Harvest Moon counterparts.

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Hey folks! So the animals from Harvest Moon have a really soft place in my heart, and while I generally enjoy the gameplay of Stardew Valley a lot more, I wanted to add in some of the animals. They're super cute.

I've made some sprites like the ones from Harvest Moon for the SNES, though I made my white cows and chickens actually white -- we keep our livestock clean here in Stardew Valley.

I also got a little creative with the brown chickens, and I gave all chickens proper feet since SNES Harvest Moon chickens "flap" around everywhere as their form of locomotion. Stardew don't have none a' them fancy "flappin' chickens". Our chickens here walk -- just like you an' me.

I took some liberties with the dog, and had to add panting/tail-wagging animations, but he came out really well.

I may look into adding other livestock, or off-white variations if there's enough feedback wanting these.

This mod might work on earlier versions of Stardew Valley, but I made it with Content Patcher for the beta, so I expect the (current) latest versions of SMAPI and Content Patcher:

  • SMAPI 2.6-beta.14
  • Content Patcher 1.4-beta.3

If you like it, feel free to endorse it and/or leave your praise in the comments! :D

Note: This is a Content Patcher mod, and it touched no code; it only modified graphics. If you encounter any game-breaking bugs or errors in your SMAPI console, they are surely not caused by this mod. The worst this mod could do is cause your animals to look glitchy, or be invisible or something -- or more likely, if it failed, to look like the default animals (and I'll always try to update this so it works with the latest version).