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Makes the tone for Spirit's Eve a little darker.

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So, I'm not actually much of a spriter, and this idea requires a bit more than I have the talents for, but I decided to give Spirit's Eve a bit of a makeover. It started with how goofy looking most of it really was, particularly the 'Spiders' Abigail is so afraid of... So I shored those and gravestones up, and toned down the vibrant colours of a few things a bit (and added a bit of a surprise on the TV).

This is sort of a potentially finished WIP. There are things I'd like to do, but don't really have the spriting skills for, and I'd be willing to entertain and add any ideas that people have. In particular, I'd love to have better looking (and creepier) bones in the graveyard, something to replace those weird orange eggs that I think are supposed to be pumpkins or something, and better looking Skeletons for the cage. There are templates for all those in the asset folders (for the bones and orange things, there's just blank 16 x 16 squares right now).

However, for now, I'm happy with the fact that at least Abigail has a real reason to be scared of the spiders with this mod.

So, this is a Content Patcher mod. To install, just go over to Content Patcher and follow the install instructions. Then drop this mod right into your Mods folder. It's designed to edit only the bits of the image that are part of the Festival, so it should work with even mods that effect the Festivals xnb.

As always, a big thanks to PathosChild for all his awesome work on SMAPI and Content Patcher.