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A Content Patcher version of Custom Linens (with some fixes).

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  • Update v2.2 - Added a 'custom' template in greyscale for people who want to try their hand at editing some linens for themselves (if anyone wants to submit additional designs to me, I'd be happy to consider adding them to the mod). Now, to create a custom design, just do some image editing to the corresponding assets with 'custom' in the name, and change the config type to 'custom'.
    I also removed the default config.json from the mod, to avoid people updating the mod and overwriting their own config file. For new users, the description has been changed to reflect how to create your own config.json file.
  • Update v2.1 - Added cabin SingleBed customization.

So this is a Content Patcher version of Mevima's Custom Linens mod. Not only is it Content Patcher friendly, it allows the farmhouse Single/Kid's Bed, Double Bed, and Crib to all use different linens, and doesn't alter any of the villager beds in the process.

To install, just go to Content Patcher and follow the install instructions there, if you haven't already (which, if you're doing any xnb mods, you should anyway). Then just drop this mod into your Mods folder.

Then, when you start up the game using SMAPI, a config.json should be created. From there, you can change the default of any bed type to one of the other bed types: blacksatin, desert, dragon, greenstripes, pinkfloral. There is also a custom option for those who want to try their hand at customizing their own linens, or just want grayscale bedsheets (I mean, if that's what you want, who am I to say otherwise).

If you want to create your own config file and set it prior to booting up the game, go into a text editor and put in this code (again, changing default to whichever style of sheets you want):

"SingleBed": "default",
"DoubleBed": "default",
"Crib": "default"

And save the resulting file into the CustomLinens folder as config.json.

If Mevima wants to add this to the original Custom Linens mod, I'll go ahead and take this down.

Credit to Mevima for making the mod in the first place; and as always, a big thanks to PathosChild for all his awesome work on SMAPI and Content Patcher.