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The original mod name is:Darker wood and gold craftables from Eemiestardew.
I just 'updated' the mod for 1.3.
I will take the mod down if the Owner of the mod want to.

Permissions and credits
                                 Dark wood Craftables Plus                                      

This mod edits the fallowing items
: Tapper, Cheese Press, Mayonaisse Machine, Bee House, Chest, Loom, Preserves Jar, Keg, Seed Maker, Oil Maker, Crystalarium, Recycling Machine, Lightning Rod, Wood Lamppost, Iron Lamppost, Cas, Charcool Kiln, Mushroom Box, Garden Pot, Stone Sign, Wood Sign, Furnace and 1 House Plant. More items will come soon!

Replaces craftables with darker version of it.

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.3.X beta on Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • Works in single-player and multiplayer.

With Content Patcher:
   1.Unzip the file with your program of choice.
   2.Put the folder Called Dark Wood Craftable Plus in the Mods folder.
   3. Load up your game and enjoy!

Without Content Patcher:
   1. Backup your original files!
   2. Unzip the file with your program of choice
   3. Copy and paste each XNB file into their corresponding folder--
  • Craftables.xnb goes into Content > TileSheets
  • springobjects.xnb goes into Content > Maps
   4. Load up your game and enjoy!