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Better Abigail portrait and sprite, with multiple colours of dyed hair.

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<Update 1.1> Now with Icy Abigail! While playing, I realized I'd like a good icy winter look for Abigail, so here it is.

This is a set of Content Patcher mods that gives Abigail the portrait from Character Portrait Overhauls, with a fixed bow sprite (and no bowlegs). On top of that, it comes in multiple hair dye colours, as inspired by this dye mod. Though, beyond the Black, Blonde, or Pink Abigail inquires about, there's also Aqua, Blue, and Red.

To install, just go to Content Patcher and follow the install instructions (if you don't already have it). Then pick a version of Abigail you want to use and drop the folder into your Mods folder. If you ever want to change the colour of Abigails hair, just switch out the folder in use (and restart the game to load up the new texture).

Credit to kamirose for the portrait, Hyperchicken01 for the sprites, and prettykiller for the dye idea (as well as the blonde colour scheme).

Also, as always, thanks to PathosChild for all his awesome work on SMAPI and Content Patcher.