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Body replacers for female character in Stardew Valley.
Created with the aim for a more feminine character.

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**UPDATE 07/10/2016**
Due to RL priorities I have been negligent in updating this mod and replying to comments, my apologies.
Part of this mod has been incorporated into the Get Dressed mod by Jinxiewinxie and Advize.

Please for a working and updated version go here >> Get Dressed 

Thank you.

** OLD **
Hi everyone,

Originally I posted this mod on the Stardew Valley forums, but decided to upload it here too.
The aim of this mod was to create more obvious feminine character which lead to this mod.

This mod contains:
  • a body replacement that adds a short skirt
  • Variations: vanilla head and round head2 types of skirts - pleated and plain with or without socks.
  • New shirts that show a bit more female curves
  • Replaced Grandpa's bikini with a more modern one.
  • Blush accessory

Refer to this picture to figure out which file you prefer. Do note that this replaces the female body file (farmer_girl_base.xnb).

All bodies come with the new bikini:

The contains the following shirts:
*Note: these shirts will be added to the vanilla shirts and will replace none.

NEW Shirts:

How to install/Instructions
Place the content of the zip file in Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Farmer folder.
It's always wiser to back-up your old files: farmer_base.xnb \ shirt.xnb or accessories.xnb before replacing it.