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Replaces the vanilla horse with Epona in the bigger version used by real life horses and better horses.

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This mod allows you to replace the vanilla horse with Link's steed Epona from the  Legend of Zelda.

The is based on the wonderful  EPONA by Zhuria. I loved the design of that Epona but the animation bugged me.

The base of this Epona is the same as Better Horses by SerialDollface

This mod is simply a retexture and minor modification to Minakie's Real Life Horses. Minakie was the one that combined Avalitor's Redesigned Horse Running Animation and Kitana Coldfire's Bigger Draft Horse Model, I just wanted Epona to join in on the betterfication.

Update: I have hopefully fixed the issue with the content patcher files. Let me know if you still have issues.