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About this mod

A visual retexture of the Traveling Cart to make it match the rest of the game better. Replaces the ugly pig with a wild boar.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses Content Patcher to change the appearance of the traveling merchant and her cart. Also changes the purple pig into a boar 'cos that seemed marginally more realistic.

The pig version you choose only affects how he looks in the night market! I couldn't decide how I wanted him to fit his floaty thingy so I included both versions, this doesn't affect how he looks in the forest at all!

I'd love to hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions. I hope you like it!

new! (28 January 2021) Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5! Did another little overhaul of how the mod is set up. Make sure you delete your old folder if you did the trick to rename the mod to [CP] ZRustic Traveling Cart in order to make it load last. I've (in theory) fixed this the fancy way and it shouldn't be an issue anymore. Let me know if you notice any issues and I'll do my best to get to them soon!

How to Install
  1. Install SMAPI
  2. Install Content Patcher
  3. Download, unzip and put the resulting folder inside Mods folder. It should look like this: [...]\Stardew Valley\Mods\[CP] Rustic Traveling Cart
  4. Run your game once so that a config.json file is generated. 
  5. Open the config.json using a text editor and change the settings to your liking.
  6. Enjoy!

Configuration Options
  JustTheBoar: choose True or False. When set to "true" it replaces only the pig, both in the forest and in the nightmarket. The cart and merchant remain unchanged. Default value is false.
  MerchantColor: choose PurpleGreen or BlueGreen. See the mod images for reference. Default value is Purple.
  Pig: choose One or Two. Changes the pose of the boar in the Night Market. This doesn't affect the pig in the forest at all. See the mod images for reference. Default value is Two.
  Lights: choose OnOff or Winter. When set to "on" it adds fairy lights to the cart similar to the ones in vanilla. When choosing "winter" the lights only show up in winter and not in the other seasons. Default value is off.
  LightsType: choose White or Colorful. Changes the color of the lights when the "Lights" option is set to true. See the mod images for reference. Default value is Colorful.