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Restores the cut summit map, and edits the railway to allow access. Also pretties the whole area up while we're at it!

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At some point during development, CA decided to cut the summit map and any access to it from the game, but for some reason left the warps and most of the map data in place in the game's files. Now, you can visit that map for yourself, with a few slight tweaks of course. (The summit isn't quite so picturesque without some TLC...

Thanks to a small mod by the wonderful KoihimeNakamura, Summit Reborn also enables rain on the summit and provides a neat cloud effect when it does so! Give him all the kudos you can for putting up with me for the few hours it took to put this together.

To install the mod, simply unzip the folder downloaded and drop the file named "Summit_Reborn" into your mods directory, no other mods or configuring required!

Known issues:
- Rain clouds will cover part of the summit map when near the bottom. These can be disabled via a config option if this bothers you.
- If you're at the very bottom of the map, weather balloons, birds and the like will clip through the ground when spawning at the right altitude. This one was small and infrequent enough that I figured I'd leave it be. It can be pretty entertaining.
- Certain texture setups may look odd with the stone path outside of the railway park. This is a case-by-case basis, so you'll have to investigate yourself. Vanilla textures, as well as those used in A Less Yellow Stardew seem to work just fine (though the ALYS light dirt/grass 2 setup has a texture bug that may cause issues).

- Incompatible with Stardew Valley Expanded, as SVE provides its own version of the Railroad and Summit.