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This mod lets you stack furniture, wallpapers, and bobbers up to 999.

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Stack Everything

This mod lets you stack Furniture, tackle (i.e. bobbers), and Wallpapers up to 999 like every other item. No longer do you have to move all your casks one by one!

**Why won't my dressers stack? If a dresser has clothing in it, it can't be stacked. Take all the clothing out first!**

**If you uninstall this mod while you have an item stacked higher than normally possible in a chest or your inventory, the stack will be reset back to 1.**

Note that due to technical limitations, tools, hats, rings, boots, and weapons can't be stacked. Sorry, I couldn't do anything about this.

**If you're experiencing a bug, please make sure you have the latest version of the mod before posting a bug report!**

Works in multiplayer! If a player in multiplayer doesn't have this installed and you give them an overstacked item, it will appear as if the item has stack 1 to them. But if you pick it back up again, it will keep its actual stack.

Requires SMAPI by Pathoschild.

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