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New after-marriage dialogue for Leah! Around 30 new lines!

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This mod expands on Leah's marriage dialogue, with about 30 new lines including several multiple-choice questions. To use, I would recommend getting Content Patcher, then come back here, download NewLeah (Content Patcher) from the files page, then unzip the file and put the included folder in your Mods folder.

If for some reason you're using an older version of Stardew or can't use Content Patcher, you can also download NewLeah from the files page, then go to your Stardew Valley folder, then to Content\Characters\Dialogue and replace both MarriageDialogueLeah.xnb and Leah.xnb with the files included. I don't recommend this though, as it will likely break when Stardew is updated to 1.3.

No vanilla dialogue has been replaced - only added upon.

Please post if you have any problems with it! I tested each day and didn't experience any crashes. 

I would rate my dialogue PG-13 for some adult content (non-explicit), so bear that in mind.