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This mod replaces or retouches all weapons. Also changes stats, names & descriptions.
Includes Deku Shield, Kokiri Sword, Master Sword & Megaton Hammer. No SMAPI needed

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Hopefully this helps w/ the lack of variety, because if we're all being honest, most of the weapons mods so far suck. Thanks to zcsnightmare, as his mod is the only one that looks like it took more than a half hour to make. I wasn't going to bother w/ any Zelda stuff, but all the other mods looked weird to me somehow, so here it is. This mod replaces almost all of the weapons, and revises the rest. The data file is adapted from GrimaGames' Fire Emblem swords mod, so you can get better swords earlier if you want. The replacement for the wooden sword is actually slightly stronger than the galaxy/master sword, for everyone else who gets bored killing bugs with weak weapons. This will also swap the scythe for a Japanese-style version. It just looks better in-game than our Death-style western version

Also, I overwrote all the unobtainable stuff in weapons.png w/ the extras I didn't use. Consider this an
invitation to rearrange or reuse whatever you like

For the Nintendo fans, the Zelda weapons are the main 4 from Ocarina of Time, just because they look best w/ 16 bit graphics. The shield works like any other sword, and will not catch fire and disappear when you get hit by a firebat, because that would actually be difficult to code and I don't care that much

Kokiri Sword >>> Templar Blade
Deku Shield >>> Cutlass
Master Sword >>> Galaxy Sword
Megaton Hammer >>> Galaxy Hammer

How to:

1) dl

2) extract and open folder. now open a new window

3) find your Stardew Valley game folder and open the Content folder. If you use Steam, gods help you, but hopefully you know where your game files are. Otherwise, it'll be something like:

4) in the Data folder, find weapons.xnb and make a backup

5) do the same thing w/ the weapons.xnb you find in the Tilesheets folder. always make backups

6) copy/paste new .xnb files into the Data and Tilesheets folders, respectively. don't
mix them up, they are not the same

7) done. Reload your game and enjoy

* If you just want the skins and not the changed stats or names etc, only replace the .xnb in the Tilesheets folder, and leave Data alone

Thanks to GrimaGames, zcsnightmare, JazzMinK & Wayn

Please feel free to use any of this for whatever you want etc...