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Makes the item sorting/organization better and configurable. Keep your tools in order!

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This mod improves the default inventory organization and lets you configure it to your liking. It also automatically stacks items (unless you turn it off in config.json) in case you've spread your stacks out.

By default it makes a click on the organize button sort your axe, hoe, watering can, pickaxe and scythe first (based on the order of your inventory when starting a new game, as an example), and then sorts items the same way as the base game, but with added sorting for putting stacks in size order and higher quality items before lower quality ones.
It also makes a right click sort items in order of most valuable stack, to help decide what to throw away when you run out of space.
And a middle click will sort items with the standard sorting function, if you ever miss it.

All sorting can be customized in the config.json file by adding sorting categories in any order you'd like. The categories are:
  • Axe, Can, Hoe, Pail, Pan, Pickaxe, Rod, Scythe, Shears, Slingshot, Weapon - Specific tools
  • Name - The English name of the item
  • DisplayName - The local name of the item
  • Category - The local category name. Second row of the tooltip.
  • CategoryNum - The numeric index of the category the item belongs to. Vaguely related to the previous option, but has more categories.
  • Stack - The number of items in an item stack
  • Value - How much money you would get for selling an item from the stack
  • StackValue - How much money you would get for selling the entire stack
  • Type - The English name for the type of certain items. Probably not very useful. I just added it because the vanilla sorting uses it.
  • Edibility - How much HP is restored by eating the item.
  • Quality - Numerical quality. 0 is basic items. 3 is iridium star.
  • ItemID - The internal ID of the item.
All categories can be prefixed with a minus sign (-) to reverse the order. Name, DisplayName, Category, CategoryNum, Type, and Quality can be followed by ={search} in order to limit the sorting. You could for example type "-Name=Torch" to sort all torches to the end, or "Quality=3" to sort iridium quality items to the front. It also supports regular expressions, so you could do "Name=T.+" to sort all items beginning with T to the front.
I may have gone a bit overboard with the configurability...

In order to recreate the vanilla sorting as closely as possible you would type "CategoryNum", "-Type", "-Name". That is: Sort by category number, then sort any items with the same category number by type name in reverse alphabetical order, then sort any items with the same category and type by name in reverse alphabetical order.