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Alter the drop rates of artifacts from dig sites by making edits to an easy to use text file.

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This is a Content Patcher mod. You must have Content Patcher installed to use this mod. Content Patcher in turn requires SMAPI.  If you do have Content Patcher installed, all you need to do is unzip the ArtifactDropRate folder into your Mods folder.  This mod intercepts (but does not overwrite) the contents of ObjectInformation.yaml.  Because it is a Content Patcher mod, it does not conflict with other mods that happen to alter this file, unless they also specifically alter the drop rates of the artifacts.  This mod should not break if Stardew Valley gets updated, although if new artifacts get added, they will have to be added to the content.json file.

What this mod does
This mod allows you to alter the odds of artifacts dropping from dig sites on an artifact-by-artifact basis.  You can also add, remove, or change which regions the artifacts can spawn in.  This mod ONLY affects drops from artifact dig sites.  Fishing chests, monster drops, and digging up sand in the mines are NOT affected.

It helps to understand how artifact drops are processed by the game.  Each artifact has an ID number.  When you dig up a site, the game checks the list for artifacts that are eligible for that region (e.g. town, forest, farm, etc.) and rolls against the drop rate of each qualifying artifact.  If an artifact passes its roll, that artifact is spawned and the game stops rolling.  This is done in order of ID number.  This means that artifacts with higher ID numbers are rarer than their printed odds would make it seem, because not only do they have to pass their check, but every artifact above them on the list also has to fail.  This is also why there are no simple "better drop rate" mods out there.  

For example, the Chipped Amphora has the lowest ID of all of the artifacts. If you were to alter the Chipped Amphora to have "Town 1.0" (i.e. a 100% drop rate in in the town map), then the Chipped Amphora is the ONLY artifact that you will EVER find in town.  The other town artifacts on the list  will never get a chance to roll on their charts, because the Chipped Amphora will always win first.

Open content.json (included in this package) and alter the entries as you see fit.  The starting numbers are copied directly from the game files, so by default, this mod changes nothing.  It just gives you the ability to make changes yourself.  Here's an example line:

       "101": { 0: "Arrowhead", 6: "Mountain .02 Forest .02 BusStop 0.02" },

This means that the Arrowhead artifact has a 2% drop rate from artifact dig sites found in the Mountain, Forest, and Bus Stop maps.  Changing the line to read

       "101": { 0: "Arrowhead", 6: "Mountain 0.5 Town .02 BusStop 0.02" },

would mean that the Arrowhead now has a 50% rate in Mountain sites, 2% in Town sites, and 2% in Bus Stop sites.  The original 2% Forest rate is now gone (i.e. set to 0%).

Some artifacts have an UndergroundMine entry.  There are no artifact dig sites in the mines, and these entries do nothing.  They specifically do NOT affect drop rates from digging up sand in the caves.

Alter the numbers as you see fit, remembering that giving high numbers to the lower ordinal artifacts can possibly choke out artifacts that are lower on the list.  You can also use this mod to remove artifacts that you already have from the pool.  Just remember that these changes will be present in all of your savegames.

If you screw up badly, I included a file called "content - backup.json" It contains the original, unmodded data, so you can easily revert to the default numbers.