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This mod makes it to where you can walk through every crop including crops with a trellis (wooden support beam.) i.e. hops, green beans, etc.

Permissions and credits
Walk Through Trellis
It has come to my attention a better mod exists for this purpose, so therefore, I'm retiring this mod.

If you wish to achieve the ability to walk through trellis crops, I'll turn your attention to this mod: Passable Crops

This does require the latest version of SMAPI
Latest version of SMAPI.

I had the warning up for like a day saying that the mod didn't have an antimod, and an explanation as to the issues I was experiencing. Last night after banging my head against a wall figuring it out, I managed to solve the problem. So introducing the new WTT Antimod. It will now be in the misc files to download. It will also have a github link to its source, when really it's just less comments and one value changed in the code, but it'll be there.

I've been trying to make a mod to change the setting for planted crops with trellises, but for some reason I can't get SMAPI to make just trellis crops to have trellis properties. Currently the original mod just sets all crops to not have those properties, which is admittedly not very efficient, but I'm still gonna work on getting that tool done, and to make the original mod to be more efficient. Just as soon as I understand why it's not recognizing the IDs I'm telling it to change.

For Modded Trellis Crops:
For now, since I vastly underestimated how many users were using this for modded trellis crops, I've added an alternate version of the mod in the optional files section so you can still have the effect on modded trellis crops. You just won't be able to reverse the effect with the anti mod. I change this in the future to a system that works better if I can think of one, but for now, you can choose between just vanilla crops but reversible, or modded too but not reversible.

If you choose to reverse the changes from the mod:
To reverse the changes, you must be sure the mod is uninstalled, then install the WTTAntimod in the miscellaneous files section in the files tab of this page.
Then once you've installed it, run the game, enter your farm, ensure that the trellis crops are, in fact, no longer collision-free(This is really just to be absolutely certain, it should just work), and then make sure the game is saved before you quit.

What does this mod do in short? (tl;dr)
It makes it to where you can simply walk through certain crops that otherwise you wouldn't be able to.

Does this mod work with existing saves?
YES! It now works with existing save completely. Any crops you place before installation will now gain the setting after installation! Also a thanks to Pathoschild for helping me understand the way the game works a bit so I could implement this feature.

Detailed Description
This mod allows you to walk through crops with Trellises, this is done by grabbing the value in the crops.xnb for "Raised Seeds" and changing it to false for every single crop. This means that every trellis crop is able to be walked through.

CREDIT: Pathoschild for SMAPI and for helping me with existing saves!

Like most other mods on this platform
Extract the .zip file
Place the WalkThroughTrellis folder in the Mods folder in your game directory.

We made it bois. ^^

Source code (Github) Main Mod
Source code (Github) WTT Antimod