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Adds 180+ lines of dialogue for Shane, both male and female versions. Less self-destructive behavior and a focus on a more positive outlook. Every day of the week, every 2 heart levels now have different dialogue, including rainy days! Festival dialogue expanded for 4, 8, and 10 hearts, and spouse as well.

Permissions and credits
This mod requires the latest version of SMAPI and "Content Patcher" by Pathoschild

Updated for 1.4!


Shane Dialogue Expansion!
for Bachelor and Bachelorette!


An extensive dialogue expansion for Shane, both married and unmarried, which gives him significantly more depth without losing focus on his inner turmoil.

This mod:

Adds 180+ lines of dialogue

"Don't you have work to do?"
""What's the point of life if all you do is work?" OR "I haven't been able to pay my rent, but Marnie's letting me stay anyway. I'm lucky."
"I'll definitely be going to the saloon tonight. What else is there to do?"

That's everything Shane will ever say on a Friday.  Ever.  Unless it's raining.  Or you're married.  Or it's a festival.  Vanilla unmarried Shane only has 28 lines of daily dialogue.  
Now he has 168.  

Includes new dialogue for every 2 heart levels, for every day of the week, for each season

Did you go the trouble of befriending Shane?  After all, it does take him a while to warm up to strangers.  Here's all of his vanilla 10 heart dialogue:
"Do you ever feel like the whole world is scrutinizing you like some disgusting insect?"
"Hi, [farmer]. I've actually been having a good day so far."

Now, Shane will open up about his feelings.  His past.  His family.  His drinking.  His outlook on life.  Eventually.  I kept the theme of him being particularly standoffish through 4 hearts.

Includes less destructive behavior while instead focusing on his increasingly positive outlook

Shane's going through a lot.  Anyone who has ever experienced his 4 heart and especially 6 heart level events knows that it's serious.  VERY serious.
I can't impress enough upon you how serious I think this is, and, frankly, I feel like vanilla Shane's improvement efforts didn't focus enough on the importance of talking about one's feelings.
A lot of people have some seriously heavy thoughts, so I made it a focus to ensure that even at 10 hearts, at least one day per month, Shane continues to talk about dealing with his depression.

As the farmer gets to know Shane, he begins to find greater appreciation for his responsibilities and the world around him, particularly starting at 8 hearts (after his 6 heart event) for one specific reason:
Not bottling up his feelings.

Includes some changes and additions to his married dialogue

I didn't change much, I just edited and added to his vanilla statements to reflect his more positive outlook, including removing or downplaying his more self-deprecating comments.  Life's better now, Shane.

Encourages replayability

If you spend any time at all focusing on Shane, you're not likely to see his 1 or 2 heart dialogues from later in the year, but they are there should you ignore him on another playthrough.
If you want to experience three seasons' worth of me trying to find different ways to tell the player to go away, go for it.

Includes options for vanilla bachelor Shane and genderbent bachelorette Shane

Shane, as luck would have it, is a unisex name.  
There are only very subtle changes between the male and female versions.
The bachelorette version of this mod includes changes to Marnie and Jas's vanilla dialogue regarding Shane's gender.
That said, the female version contains dialogue about Harvey assuming you have genderbent Harvey as well, into Harriet from the mod mentioned below.

Note for Genderbending:

"Shane Dialogue Expansion" is literally just Shane's dialogue.
For sprites and portraits, check out "Shane Girl MOD ver.R" by exrenkon 
If you want to genderbend the rest of the bachelors (including for the change from Harvey to Harriet in the female version of THIS mod), check out "StardewValley_Girl-byAdarin" by Adarin
For other dialogue, married dialogue, events, mail changes, NPCs actually being referred to as female by the system, et cetera, check out "Dialogue Changes Full for 1.1" by KeionDryke
Alternatively, an updated option is "Invatorzen's Dialogue Changes for Adarin's Girl Mod" by invatorzen since KeionDryke's version has not been updated since November 2016

Installation Instructions
1) Install the latest version of SMAPI
2) Install Content Patcher
3) Download and unzip this mod
4) Drag the folder into Stardew Valley/Mods
5) Edit the config.json for your preferred Shane gender
6) Run the game using SMAPI

If you like it, please endorse! If you don't, please let me know what I could've done differently!
Feedback is encouraged and happily accepted!

[DISCLAIMER] - I am not by any means qualified professionally in any jurisdiction to aid others in addressing anxiety or depression. If you have concerns, there are numerous resources available and learning about them is only a Google search away.

My Writing Philosophy & Mission:
When it comes to writing for Stardew characters, I strive to keep the vanilla feel and lore-adherence as much as possible, while providing enough variety to keep characters interesting in all interactions by minimizing repeated phrases and by building their openness to the farmer across heart levels.  NPCs should feel characterization-appropriate social distance at lower levels, and datable NPCs should be flirtier at 8 and 10 hearts, but not straying from their narrative.  I always seek to expand on each NPC's place in Pelican Town, among their friends and family, and within the generally light-hearted-but-sometimes-deeply-serious tone of the game as a whole.