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Simple mod that gives children in Stardew Valley a nicer color scheme. Changes baby clothes to yellow, pacifiers a slightly less powdery blue, gives darkskinned children black hair, and gives everyone eyes that are just a bit shinier. Toddler girl sprite with violet eyes are also an option.

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As stated in the overview, this is a very simple replacer that gives babies a more pleasant color scheme and gives darkskinned children black hair. I was never a big fan of the green used on the baby blanket and the blue on its pacifier. I recolored the pacifier just a slightly different blue and made the blanket and baby clothes a nice light yellow. I also made the brown hair a little lighter on babies since I found the color very harsh, though this will stay unchanged on the older version of the sprite. To add to this I added a lighter pixel into everyone's eyes just to make them a little brighter near the highlight, and I've changed everyone's eyes to brown just to keep everything consistent. I did think the violet eyes on the girl sprite were nice as well, so I've included an extra file with shinier violet eyes if that's the desired effect. On the lighter skinned toddler files, nothing except the eyes have been changed at all, though I may change this in the future. If you don't care about what color their eyes are, the Toddler and Toddler_girl files can be skipped completely in the installation process.

1. Go into your content folder and then go to your characters folder from there.
2. Back up the files you're going to replace, either by renaming them or by moving them into a folder outside of your Stardew files. These files should be named "Baby", "Baby_dark", "Toddler", "Toddler_dark", "Toddler_girl", and "Toddler_girl_dark". If you only plan on installing a few of these sprites, then the names for them should be self-explanatory. 
3. Drag the files you're using into the folder. 

This is my first time doing anything like this, and in truth, I only made this for myself, but I decided I could share it here, too. I don't count this mod as anything overtly impressive, just basically changed a few pixels around on the vanilla sprites, so if you ever end up using them in a picture or anything I don't particularly care about credit as long as you don't claim you did it yourself or anything. If you want to use this for anything else, I don't particularly mind if you ask or not.