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The stardew brewery mod fully functional and ported to the Solid Foundations framework! Originally made by Cylon with spritework done by oomps62.

Permissions and credits
Original Mod by Cylon
Additional credits listed to:
  • Pathoschild
  • Entoarox
  • Cat
  • oomps62
  • spacechase0
(Be sure to read the original page for author's original listed credits!)

This is an unofficial port to Solid Foundations made with permission by the author!
I will not be providing support for any extra content or seasonal edits, recolors, etc. This mod is uploaded as is and any changes will be purely bug fixes or added translations.

Differences from the original:
  • There are stairs leading down to the basement rather than a warp.
  • That's about it for now.

Wait, wasn't this uploaded before, what happened to it?:
Well, this port was uploaded to nexus in the past but I had made a critical error during one of my updates to the mod and accidentally included files I did not receive permission to use from another modder, the reason being I had made some edits for my personal save file. When asked to remove the files from the mod I was absent from nexus and thus it was deleted. This upload is free of uh, any critically stupid errors such as that and all included files are from the original mod, which I was given permission to use! Yay!

For real though, I very much apologize for that, it was a really dumb mistake for me to make.

If you are still using the old version from before it was deleted:
 I recommend removing it and installing this one instead for any possible future updates. The building ID is the same so it shouldn't remove any of your stuff. Double-check before saving just incase and report back if there's any issues!

Solid Foundations by PeacefulEnd
Latest version of SMAPI

  • Make sure to install all listed dependicies and follow their instructions first.
  • Extract [SF] Stardew Brewery to your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
  • Launch the game using SMAPI!