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NPCs will love every gift you give them.

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´¨`*•. •.★.ALL NPC LOVES EVERY GIFT.•★ .•.°´¯
" mod is a modification (mod) created for the popular farming simulation game, Stardew Valley. In the base game, each of the non-player characters (NPCs) has specific preferences when it comes to receiving gifts. Some items will be liked or loved by certain characters, while others may be disliked or even hated.

However, with the "ALL NPC LOVES EVERY GIFT
" mod installed, this dynamic is altered. As the name suggests, this mod changes the behavior of the NPCs so that they will respond positively to any gift given to them, regardless of their individual preferences. This means that every item you give to an NPC will be well-received, potentially leading to stronger relationships and faster progress in building friendships and romances.

It's important to note that while this mod can make the game more lenient in terms of gift-giving, it also removes some of the challenge and strategy involved in getting to know the characters and learning their specific likes and dislikes. Players who use this mod may find it easier to build relationships with the NPCs, but they may miss out on the original game's intended mechanics and character interactions.