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A Generic Baby for Varied Toddlers

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I wanted a generic looking baby that could conceivably grow up to look like any of the (light-skinned) spouse toddlers from the Babies Take After Spouse mod, because I want to mix and match toddlers for more variety (and so one kid can look like the player character).

IRL babies born with blue eyes and lighter hair often grow darker hair and their eyes can change color as they grow older, so that's what I based this baby on. (Although you can also get kids born with super dark hair that soon falls out and totally different color hair grows back.... anyway, whatever.)

And because lakoria has recolored the clothes depending on the spouse in their mod, I figured showing the baby clothes change as it grows would be cool too.

And then I also added blush because why not.

Please don't repost without permission, otherwise enjoy!

Install instructions:
Go into Stardew Valley / Content / Characters and back up Baby.xnb (eg. just rename it Baby0.xnb) in case something goes horribly wrong. Then copy Baby.xnb from the zip file into that folder and you should be good to go!