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Turns the hat mouse from the far corner of Cindersap Forest into a real character named Lacey.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
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  • Mandarin
  • German
Hat Mouse Lacey

Version 1.3.0 is a content update. This update adds an optional dependency on my Secret Note Framework: see the changelog for details.

Adds a new, familiar face to Stardew Valley, turning the hat mouse (normally a motionless map sprite with no name and only a few lines of dialogue) into a full-fledged NPC. Her name is Lacey, and she is single.

It's not required, but I think you'll have the best experience with her if you start a new save, since she has some Year 1 dialogue.

I also recommend not snooping around in the mod files, since you may find spoilers in there, and I think it's fun to discover things and be surprised. Of course, if you like spoilers, be my guest; I can't stop you.

GitHub for source code and canonical releases.
(Spoiler-filled!) help file is in the GitHub repository.

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

This mod was inspired by a single Reddit post.

My heartfelt thanks to all the other weirdos (affectionate) in the Stardew Valley Discord server who like to hang out and talk about mods and give help and advice to fellow modders.

Special thanks to ElizaPhantomhive on the Discord for doing a heroic amount of work helping me find and fix a compatibility problem (with The Lorax).

Special thanks to Nexus user MriaMoonrose for finding and reporting the bugs in multiplayer.

Thanks to the following contributors for providing translations:

My thanks as well to the following mod authors:
... who have given me their gracious permission to, where necessary, include derived versions of some of their mod assets in this mod. These files are NOT covered by this mod's MIT license, since they are derivative works used by permission.

For a full list of files which this mod's permissive license DOES NOT cover, see the file nonlicensed.txt.


  • Stardew Valley 1.6
  • SMAPI 4.0.0+
  • Content Patcher 2.0.0+


Download the release and unzip it into your Mods folder. It contains two mod folders:

  • HatMouseLacey
  • HatMouseLacey_Core

HatMouseLacey is a Content Patcher content pack, which handles all of the content: images, maps, text, music, event scripts, etc.
HatMouseLacey_Core is the C# mod which makes all the code changes necessary for Lacey's special features.


In version 1.3, Hat Mouse Lacey supports seven config settings:

  • DTF: true/false (default true). If true, enables some suggestive (but not explicit) dialogue. Set to false to keep it G-rated.
  • AlwaysAdopt: true/false (default true). If true, Lacey will always adopt children when married to the farmer. If false, she can become pregnant with a male farmer.
  • RecolorPalette: one of Auto, Vanilla, Earthy, VPR, Starblue, or Wittily (default Auto). If set to Auto, this mod will attempt to detect which recolor mod you are using and match it. If you get the wrong result, you can manually set it to the desired value.
  • InteriorPalette: one of Auto, Vanilla, Earthy, VPR, or Starblue (default Auto). This is just like RecolorPalette, but attempts to detect and match enabled interior recolors. (Wittily does not recolor interiors, so it is not listed as an option)
  • MatchRetexture: one of Auto, Vanilla, WaybackPT, ElleTown, YriYellog, or FlowerValley (default Auto). This is like RecolorPalette, but it matches active building retextures that apply to the mouse house. As with the others, set manually if Auto does not detect your situation.
    NOTE: Elle's Town Buildings and Yri's Project Yellog will only be detected by Auto if you have set their respective config settings to retexture the mouse house (for Yellog, you will need HatMouseHouseRestored). Otherwise, you'll get the vanilla appearance.
  • SeasonalOutfits: true/false (default false). Enables Lacey's optional alternate outfits for summer and fall. The winter outfit is automatically enabled, since those are vanilla.
  • WeddingAttire: one of Dress or Tuxedo (default Dress). Choose which outfit Lacey will wear to her wedding.
These config settings will be read from the HatMouseLacey_Core mod's config.json. The Core mod will appear in the Generic Mod Config Menu, if you have that installed. The settings will apply to both mods.

More config settings may be added in future releases.


  • 1.0: Initial release.
  • 1.1: Last releases compatible with Stardew Valley 1.5.
  • 1.2: Initial 1.6-compatible releases.
  • 1.3: Current release.
  • Beyond: I plan to continue supporting this mod for a while. Future content updates, feature additions, and compatibility improvements are expected.


✓ Fully supported
⤳ Partial or in-progress
✗ Expect conflicts or major issues

EWONTFIX means I am not currently planning to address the issue.

Newly Updated Compatibility Patches

✓ Stardew Valley Expanded
     Added fixes for things that broke in 1.6. Should still be fully compatible.
✓ East Scarp
     Fixed a few festival collisions, and repaired one that broke since 1.5.6.
✓ Hat Mouse and Friends
     Implemented compatibility with Doragoun's cooperation. The lore doesn't make sense, but you get to have more mice.
✓ They Deserve It Too
     Works alongside Hat Mouse and Friends.

Compatibility as of 1.1.3/SDV 1.5.6

✓ Ridgeside Village
     Lacey attends the RSV festivals.
✓ Multiple popular map recolors:
     DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour
     Vibrant Pastoral Recolor
     Starblue Valley
     A Wittily Named Recolor
     Additional recolors may be supported in the future.
✓ Multiple popular building retextures:
    Way Back Pelican Town
    Elle's Town Buildings
    Yri's Project Yellog
    Flower Valley
    Additional retextures may be supported in the future.
    NOTE: for Elle's Town Buildings and Project Yellog, you will need to set their config values for the mouse house. See Configuration, above.
✓ NPC Map Locations
✓ Generic Mod Config Menu
✓ Stardew Valley Reimagined 3
✓ Community Center Reimagined
✗ Map mods which alter the terrain near the shack
✗ Mods which add an interior map to the shack
     (incompatible vision; EWONTFIX)
✗ Hat Shop Restoration
     (incompatible vision; EWONTFIX)
✗ Fashion Mouse
     (incompatible vision; EWONTFIX)
✗ Any other mods which
add other mouse characters (lore conflict; EWONTFIX)

✗ Unique Children 
Unique Children reimplements child sprites entirely, overriding my patch to provide custom sprites. EWONTFIX, manual compatibility only; see that mod's instructions.

Other Questions You May Have

I need help with <problem>. What should I do/Can you help?

There is a spoiler-filled help file. (WARNING: spoilers!) It has some tips and information in it.
I also frequent the Stardew Valley Discord server.

Is this compatible with <mod name here>?
If it's not listed above, under Compatibility, the default answer is "probably, technically". What that means is that I don't expect this mod to crash your game or break much of it, but there may be asset conflicts, weird behavior, or lore clashes.

This even applies to mods above which I have listed as incompatible and/or EWONTFIX. Your game should still run and most things should still work. But it may be jarring, especially if those kinds of errors greatly bother you.

If you find any compatibility problems with mods not listed above, I would be much obliged to you if you let me know.

What about multiplayer?
Everything works correctly, as far as I know. Special thanks to MriaMoonrose for helping out.

kind of a weird decision to make the mouse datable
That's not a question.