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This is a file override to change Maru's sprite to have a different shirt (she will also be the long-haired beta Maru.

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UPDATE 5/7/18

I noticed a long time ago that I somehow shifted Maru's portrait downward and cut her off below the neck and shoulders on this version of her beta portrait, but kept forgetting to get around to fixing it. So here it is. The portrait works fine.

Also included is Maru's purple shirted sprite.

Since newer SMAPI and Content Patcher, you can change xnb files without replacing default files or using XNBLoader. So this is the content pack for that format. Simply put the unzipped "[CP] Beta Maru - Purple Shirt" folder in your Stardew Valley/Mods folder and if you have the dependencies you're set. Let me know if there are problems.

This version requires Content Patcher and I think it requires SMAPI 2.5.5 (may work on 2.5.4 - I have 2.5.5 so I'm not testing that). It will work on the mulitiplayer beta as well as Stardew 1.2 if you haven't gone to 1.3 yet.



Since I saw the Beta version of Maru on the nexus I came to like her. Lately I have come to also enjoy the Dynamic NPC mod with Longevity but from the admittedly great sprite creators who have contributed to that mod has only come outfit changes with the current version of Maru. So I converted all of Maru's different outfits to use her beta long hair and slightly lighter skin tone. (I'm not going to post those conversions because I don't own the work that went into creating those outfits. I will post if I decide to completely redo them. I might, because in the winter I gave Maru a little beanie that I think is going to be cute in the game!)

Anyway, Maru only had 1 outfit from Fall to Winter, so I made Maru a new sweater to wear in the fall. It's probably not up to everyone's standards because I'm so new at this, but I like how it came out.

For those who use Beta Maru in their game and also use Longevity, sorry the sweater doesn't have a different version for when she is outside in the rain. I experimented with putting a hat on her but just couldn't come up with anything I liked and needed to take a break from all those pixels!

1/23/2018 -- Added portrait to match the purple shirt sprite.

Added zip file with another version of Maru. Teal/Green shirt.

1/24/2018 -- Fixed portraits so Maru isn't cut off below the chin. Sorry for the mistake. I'm not sure how she got moved down but she should show up right now. Also changed the file so that the purple shirt download includes both the sprite and portrait arranged in the correct file order for installation. Insert the Characters and Portraits folders under "Content" in your Stardew Valley folder, or if you use XNBLoader (which helps greatly since it means you don't have to replace any of your original files), put the Characters and Portraits folders in the "ModContent" folder.